La Carriere


La Rue de la Monnaie, Trinity

The small family house was built in the 1960s with its elegant and rather delicate South facing conservatory.  Sadly the conservatory had reached the end of its useful life, having suffered degradation of timber structural members as a result of condensation forming on the inside of single glazing.  The decision was made to replace it with a ” four seasons ” room, insulated and heated.  The new room still benefits from the Southerly orientation and has large windows to bring sunshine deep into the space and a raised terrace onto which sliding patio doors give access.  Cross ventilation is achieved with opening windows on the East and West whilst high level and roof windows ensure that the space is filled with light, filtered through the branches and leaves of surrounding trees, thus preventing overheating in summer.

The main body of the house has been refurbished and brought up to modern standards of servicing and insulation, making it a comfortable and desirable home.

Photographer: Andy Le Gresley
Building Contractor: Dave Parker