La Maison du Coin
La Maison du Coin
La Maison du Coin



Completed 2004.

La Maison Du Coin is a traditional, granite built Jersey farmhouse with outbuilidngs enclosing a courtyard, set on a headland near St. Ouen’s Manor.

Our objective was to recapture the original character of the house, outbuildings and environs and to adapt them to a relaxed and comfortable family home with a sheltered courtyard garden. Our approach has been to carefully conserve the existing materials and traditional construction of the buildings and to reinstate the original dominance of the principal facades of the house.

Working with old buildings requires us to tread a fine line between the conflicting demands of a new use and preservation of the historic fabric.

Use of authentic materials and techniques both restore a building to its original state and promote increased longevity. New interventions, which represent a meaningful new use, are, however, made in a contemporary manner, thus adding another layer of history to the narrative.