Le Seelleur Workshops

  The workshops which date back to 1845 and were left to the States by the late Harold Ernest Le Seelleur, a well-known local builder, in the late 1980’s.   There had been a variety of suggested uses Community use, however, no resolution or funding was forthcoming, and the building was left to deteriorate into complete..

Greve de Lecq Barracks

Greve de Lecq Barracks were built as part of the defences made to repel a French invasion which was a constant threat during the Napoleonic War.  Construction began in 1810 and, once completed, each barrack block could accommodate up to 125 troops sleeping in dormitories. The army left in 1926 and the buildings fell into..

Mill farm

This beautiful listed Mill House sits at the bottom of the picturesque St. Catherine’s Reservoir and the beginning of St Catherine’s Woods. As there were some existing farm sheds at the rear the Planning allowed a slightly more modern approach in replacing them. The project was completed in spring 2011.

Le Mans

We were commissioned to design an extension to this listed ‘Cod House’. The new extension is an open plan kitchen dining room inter connecting with the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Gorey Methodist Church

The chapel conversion is in Gorey Village, Jersey, and is a former Methodist Chapel that was long disused.  It is located in a quiet coastal village street in an outlying parish of Jersey. The interior has been sectioned off into smaller spaces with a covered ceiling at eaves’ level. This was completely stripped out leaving only the trusses..

Petit Menage

Winner of the 2008 Jersey Design Award for Best Small Scale Refurbishment A conversion of a ruined coach house into two terraced houses, this was a painstaking project carefully restoring all the original features and adding some modern ones as well, such as the rear roof terraces. It was also an attempt to to have a..

Nevill Holt

This project was for a loft conversion and general refurbishment of this listed farm house. It was a labour of love restoring the intricate mouldings on the traditional Jersey dormer windows. The full height loft provided a suite for the owners’ teenage son, with a large screen and plenty of storage for his CD/DVD collection.