Le Seelleur Workshops

  The workshops which date back to 1845 and were left to the States by the late Harold Ernest Le Seelleur, a well-known local builder, in the late 1980’s.   There had been a variety of suggested uses Community use, however, no resolution or funding was forthcoming, and the building was left to deteriorate into complete..


This is the site of a former hotel which had ceased to be viable. The site included this huge evergreen oak and this became the generator for the design. A semi-circular scheme was built with the tree at its centre. The two bedroom flats are for locally qualified residents and there is a large double..

Bonne Nuit Apartments

This was the site of a former chalet hotel which had become completely run down. Several different approaches were tried on this site ranging from individual villas to several large houses until a suitable compromise could be found. The lower part of the buildings was based on the fortifications of the Islands past. Many of..

Laurant Garage

The site of a former body shop and garage proved an ideal brownfield development for social rental housing. It is an extremley high density project of one bedroom flats. Its size is mitigated by stepping back parts of the building to break up the mass. The appartments feature the ‘V’ shaped balcony allowing both bedroom..